Killen, Jim

Jim Killen’s paintings clearly depict Jim Killen’s exceptional skill and love of wildlife as well as Jim Killen’s dedication to our conservation efforts for future generations. Jim Killen’s varied collection of outdoor memories acquired while growing up in Minnesota have helped inspire Jim Killen’s painting career. Jim feels “nature and wildlife are the visible manifestations of God’s creation” and he strives to capture and preserve these in his artwork. An innate passion for wildlife habitat and reforestation is evidenced by the rural setting of the Jim Killen home and studio. Jim Killen’s third story studio overlooks the 160 acres he has developed into a wildlife management area…focusing on waterfowl, pheasant, wild turkey and deer. A favorite project for Jim is perpetuating the forest…over the years, he has planted more than 30,000 trees on Jim Killen’s property! A dedicated conservationist as well as an avid sportsman, Jim Killen spends many hours with his camera recording the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors with his sporting dog companions by his side. “I feel a closeness to dogs…I have hunted with some great dogs and painted them as well, and I know the dedication there is between an owner and their dog.” Jim Killen’s affection and spirit is captured in Killen paintings and has earned Jim the reputation as one of the greatest dog artists in the world.