Kiss, Andrew

Andrew is one of Canada’s most recognized nature artists for a style that captures both breathless images and a reverence for realism. A lover of the outdoors, Kiss often captures his subjects on film and sketches and then uses them as a springboard for his imagination, combining the elements of many photos, sketches and field studies as reference material to form his compositions. Born in Hungary in 1946, he and his family emigrated to Canada in 1957. After arriving on the East Coast of Canada, their journey eventually led them to Vancouver Island, Cowichan Lake area in BC. Although Kiss spent his early adulthood employed as a draftsman, his love of art was always with him and after being transferred to the BC interior town of Mackenzie in 1974, more and more of his free time was spent in pursuit of his art and the wildlife that spawned its inspiration. He has had over 110 editions, ( all sold out) in print and his originals are sought the world over. Andrew and his wife Lynn reside in the city of Armstrong in the North Okanagan Valley. His art and dedication to conservation has led to many prestigious awards including being named Ducks Unlimited’s Artist of the Year for 2002, the first ever two time winner. Also best of show in Spokane in 2002 among 100+ artists. In 1999 he earned the People’s Choice Award among some 80 artists taking part in the Calgary Art Essential Show. It is an award embued with special meaning for Kiss . “It’s an honor when people actually pay hard-earned money for something you create from your soul.