Lamb, Jim

Jim Lamb was born in Hamilton, Montana. His family later moved to the Seattle, WA area where he was raised. Both of his parents were creative people, and his father worked briefly as a free-lance illustrator during the late 1940’s, but soon began a career as a draftsman and mechanical designer which lasted 30 years. Having parents who appreciated art and the beauty of nature instilled in Jim from an early age the desire to create artwork. Frequent family outings to the mountains and rural areas of the Northwest as well as annual summer trips to visit relatives in the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana contributed to his growing interest in the landscape around him. The family often made trips to the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, where Jim was exposed to the representational interpretations of many of the great German landscape painters of the past century. Their use of color and the handling of light intrigued the young artist and had a direct influence upon his interest in one day depicting the landscape in oil on canvas.