Paluh, Jack

Jack Paluh resides in Northwestern Pennsylvania in a small borough called Waterford. It is here in this historical one-street-light town that Jack, his wife Marian and their three children call home. He was a “doodler” from the time he could hold a pencil. Jack’s only formal art education was that of a local trade high school. It was there under the guiding hands of local talented teachers/artists, that he excelled and was encouraged to pursue the art field. Twenty years later, Jack recognizes his highest honor by meeting and talking with people who have bought his artwork. He is never too busy to swap stories or discuss the newest ideas in hunting. Whether it be painting, hunting or photography, Jack’s natural sense of humor is ever present as well as his strong faith in God. “God has truly blessed me with a job I love”, states Paluh. “ I encourage others to find their talents and develop them. It is my privilege and honor to share my artwork, to inspire others, especially our youth, to the wonders of the outdoors”. “My ideas are inspired while hunting and photographing outdoors. Time spent in nature enables me to watch animal behavior, study habitat and truly appreciate the amazing world that God has entrusted to us. Once I’ve gathered information, I bring these ideas into my studio, where I compose the images much like putting a puzzle together.”