Ratnavira, Gamini

Gamini’s bird watching life list is now in the four-thousands from the thirty-six countries he has traversed to research the flora and fauna that he loves to paint. He recently studied the Spix Macaw at Loro Parque in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. The Spix has been extinct from the Caatinga forests in Brazil for one year and Gamini hopes to raise funds through an upcoming print for the continued work towards its captive breeding (there are currently 60) until the numbers reach an amount to safely reintroduce to the wild. The environmental and conservation side of his work comes from being raised in a beautiful tropical Island like Sri Lanka, and the Buddhist influence in his upbringing to respect and honor all forms of life. He has depicted thirty-eight postage stamps of the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka; still one of his all time career highs.