Schmidt, Ken

Playing cowboys and indians on horseback in the East in many ways may have been an advatage for western artist Ken Schmidt. Sparked by the westerns on both television and movies of the fifties and sixties Ken often sat on his favorite pony, pistols at the ready, while an outlaw gang rode by or a band of hostiles with their faces painted for war slipped along the tree line. It was this role playing with his imagination running wild that started Ken down the path of western art. Working mainly in watercolor and pencil, Ken has developed his own unique style portraying the native american, the mountain man, and the cowboy. Ken travels the country photographing live models and scenery which he uses as the subjects and settings for his paintings and drawings. As a member of the prestigious AICA (American Indian & Cowboy Artist Association) Ken is among the top sellers at their annual show. Ken has shown his artwork nationwide as well as in Europe, receiving numerous awards and being featured not only on covers and pages of many nationally known magazines, but has also been featured on regional television. Ken still lives in upstate New York on a small farm with his wife Pat, son Matt, daughter Rachel and “oh yeah” five horses to play cowboys and indians.